Jisso Process Technology Exhibition 2006

On the Front Lines of Jisso -- From Here to Tomorrow's Business -- Jisso Process Technology Exhibition 2006 Oct. 4(Wed)- 6(Fri) at Makuhari Messe

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Exhibition Products
[Electronic Component Placement Machine]、[Flow Soldering Equipment]、[BGA/CSP Assembling System]、[Testing Equipment for the External Appearance of the Substrate]、[Flow Soldering Equipment]

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Company Introduction

DEN-ON INSTRUMENTS is a leading manufacturer ranging from the high efficiency Soldering System with the lead-free accommodation to the BGA/CSP Rework Machines with the lead-free accommodation. Those relative Soldering Products are widely recognized among more than 50 countries in the world.

Exhibiting Products

BGA/SMT Rework Machine RD-500 Series

Category:Flow Soldering Equipment

The RD-500 series is for BGA/SMT Rework machines for stable and safe rework that is designed for standard or lead-free solders,large or small boards/components.
1.High performance 3 point heating system
designed for lead-free rework.
2.IR area heater to prevent PCB warping during
the heating cycle
3.Two(2) mode cooling system.
4.Complete PC control with auto-profiling
5.Security lock-out system.
6.Two(2) point profiling to control target
component overheating.
7.Convenient profile inspection system.
8.Five(5) thermo-couple input capability.
9.Integrated component solder paste preparation
10.Semi-automatic placement control.
11.Extensive safety features.

SS-8300/SS-8400 Soldering System

Category:Flow Soldering Equipment

SS-8300/SS-8400 applies for various needs with versatile functions.
1.The Super Tip has been developed for the long
life/low cost/lead-free soldering.
2.The temperature data shows good performance.
3.Using an internal heater, you only need to
change the tips.

-Super Tip-
Utilizing the special alloy, the super tip does not slow the heater transmission,but reduces the heat swelling/acid corrosion/solder intrusion of standard iron plated tips. The super tip can attain tip life two times longer at half the cost of conventional tips.


Category:Other Electronic Components Mounting Machines and Related Equipment/Systems

The PH-300 PREHEATER is designed for lead-free.

With an intense 140W IR heater, the PH-300 is desgned specifically to assist in soldering and desoldering small SMT devices that are mounted on high mass PCBs.
In a short amount of time, the PH-300 can quickly heat up standard PCBs as well increasing through-put.
For increasingly smaller devices,denser PCBs,smaller soldering iron tips,and higher melt lead free solders, the PH-300 provides the additional heating necessary to successfully solder and desolder in this applications.
Ergonomic low profile design with one-spot heating allows for easy use hand soldering and desoldering applications.

Other Prodcuts

-SMT Rework Station SD-3000-ll
Free size removal can be done for nearly any SMT
component. Nozzle free operation.
-X Ray Inspection System RX-700
Through X Ray, it can inspect the soldering of BGAs,CSPs
and other area array parts
It is of surprisingly small size and light weight,but it
can even handle large PCBs.