Jisso Process Technology Exhibition 2006

On the Front Lines of Jisso -- From Here to Tomorrow's Business -- Jisso Process Technology Exhibition 2006 Oct. 4(Wed)- 6(Fri) at Makuhari Messe

Greeting by Chairman

On the Opening of Jisso Process Technology Exhibition 2006

Japan Robot Association
Chairman Kensuke Imura

It is a great pleasure for me to be able to welcome you to JISSO PROTEC 2006.

Through advances of the Internet and other sophisticated data communication networks on the global scale, society is transforming into a "ubiquitous" one -- becoming dynamic and creative, with a wide range of information becoming readily available for access and sharing. IT devices and equipment that realize this transformation are growing ever more sophisticated, and Jisso (advanced electronic packaging) technology is a vital force that propels the advance.

The 8th JISSO PROTEC has been organized under the theme of “On the Front Lines of Jisso -- From Here to Tomorrow's Business" to assemble cutting-edge Jisso process technologies and products, including electronic component mounting equipment, in a single venue. Once again, JISSO PROTEC is being held concurrently with CREATEC JAPAN, Asia's largest exhibition of video, information and communication products and technologies. It also features the latest products and systems manufactured with Jisso technologies, as well as electronic devices and components, to help a broader spectrum of people understand Jisso.

Simultaneously, Japan Robot Association (JARA) will sponsor JISSO PROTEC FORUM 2006 in conjunction with Japan Electronics and Information Technology Industries Association (JEITA). The forum features sessions on the latest technological achievements in Jisso processes. For concrete presentation of the achievements to be announced at the forum, Advanced Electronic Packaging (Jisso) System Exhibition 2006 will be held to showcase high technology in the area.

I sincerely look forward to the exhibition contributing to promoting greater understanding of the latest Jisso process technologies, creating business opportunities for exhibitors and visitors through information exchange and, ultimately, to advancing progress in Jisso technologies further.